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Frequently Asked Questions2020-06-25T21:25:16+10:00
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Do I need a passport and visa?2017-02-21T10:59:03+11:00

Everyone must have a valid passport for a cruise with an international destination, including passengers under the age of 18. Australian residents do not need a passport or visa for any cruise that does not visit a foreign port. However, government issued photo identification is required. Queensland Proof of Age cards will not be accepted. A current Medicare card can be used for passengers under 18 years of age.

Please check with the relevant embassies about your visa requirements.

Do I need travel insurance?2020-06-25T21:19:22+10:00

Absolutely! As an Australian, Medicare, New Zealand ACC and private health insurance will not cover you for any medical costs on board, all cruises (even cruises that do not visit foreign ports) require international travel insurance. We strongly recommend you organise your travel insurance at the time you pay your deposit.

You should not base your insurance decision on the assumption ‘it won’t happen to me’ – accidents or illness can happen to anyone. Daily hospital bills can cost more than AUD5000 per day.

For guests travelling to New Caledonia: New customs law states that every traveller visiting New Caledonia must be able to show a copy of their travel insurance certificate before entering the country. Guests without travel insurance may be denied boarding or entrance to New Caledonia.

Where can I find more information about passports, visas and vaccinations?2017-02-21T10:58:15+11:00

Australian citizens, visit www.passports.gov.au

New Zealand citizens, visit www.passports.govt.nz

For citizens of other countries, please contact your relevant national authority.


Please contact your Cruise World Holidays consultant, relevant consulate or embassy or an online visa service for more information.


Please contact your doctor or an approved public health travel advisory service such as the World Health Organisation (www.who.org), the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade or Smart Traveller (www.smartraveller.gov.au).

Can I book my flights with you?2017-02-21T10:57:38+11:00
We offer one-way and return fares to connect with your cruise as well as any pre or post cruise accommodation required.
If I am booking my own flights, what arrival and departure times do you recommend?2017-02-21T10:57:17+11:00

Please ensure your flight arrives no later than 6 hours before your cruise departure time. On return, ensure your flight departs no earlier than 6 hours after your cruise arrives in port. This should help you have a relaxing cruise holiday.

When you are making your own air bookings, missed connections are always a possibility…so the more time you allow for unforeseen delays at either end of your cruise, the better.

If you do need to make changes to your own air bookings, your chosen airline may charge fees; so check their airfare conditions when you book.

How much luggage can I bring?2019-02-14T10:04:50+11:00

We recommend no more than 2 bags per person. Each bag can be no bigger than 140cm x 60cm x 40cm and can not weigh more than 32kg. It is important to remember that airlines may have different luggage restrictions.

What do I wear on board a ship?2017-02-21T10:56:28+11:00

During the day, casual clothes are suitable. After 5.30pm, smart casual clothing is required in the public lounges and restaurants or as published in the ship’s newsletter. On cocktail nights, we suggest women wear an evening or cocktail dress and men wear a suit or similar. Evening attire will vary depending on the cruise line, more information will be enclosed with your cruise tickets.

What types of electrical sockets are on board?2017-02-21T10:56:06+11:00

This will vary depending on the cruise line and/or ship, please check with your Cruise World Holidays consultant.

Do I need to bring a beach towel?2017-02-21T10:55:47+11:00

No, beach towels are provided for use at on-board swimming pools and on Shore Tours.

Can I do my laundry on board?2017-02-21T10:55:27+11:00

Laundry facilities will vary depending on the cruise line and/or ship. Some offer self-service coin-operated launderettes with ironing facilities whilst others will only offer an on-board laundry service (charges apply).

Should I bring my hairdryer2017-02-21T10:55:10+11:00

Major cruise lines now supply hairdryers to every cabin on their ships. For safety reasons, most cruise lines ask passengers not to use their own electrical appliances on board, except electric shavers and approved medical equipment.

Do I need vaccinations?2017-02-21T10:54:50+11:00

Wherever you’re travelling, we recommend you have Influenza (seasonal), Hepatitis A and Tetanus/Diphtheria vaccinations. Ask your doctor to identify any specific vaccinations or health precautions required for each port of call. If you don’t have correct vaccinations, you may not be able to go ashore at certain destinations.

Can I bring my medical equipment to use on board?2017-02-21T10:54:31+11:00

In most cases, yes. To ensure your medical equipment will work on board, please advise us at the time of booking. We may ask you for more information. For safety reasons, your equipment will need to be checked prior to boarding.

Can I go on a Shore Tour if I have limited mobility?2017-02-21T10:54:14+11:00

It is usually no problem. Most cruise lines have a wide range of shore tours that cater for people with various levels of mobility. It is important to note that access to tender ports may be restricted and this may limit your tour options or restrict access to these ports. Do not worry if you cannot get off the ship, there still have plenty of fun activities for you to do on board!

Is there a Doctor on board?2017-02-21T10:53:55+11:00

Most cruise ships have a medical centre staffed by registered Doctors and nurses, who are available during scheduled times to provide medical care. They are also available 24/7 for medical emergencies.

What if I suffer from motion sickness?2017-02-21T10:53:36+11:00

You can prepare yourself by purchasing medication before you leave home. Tablets or special magnetic wrist-bands can assist. Motion sickness can also be treated on board by the ship’s doctor.

I take medication; do I need to let you know?2017-02-21T10:53:17+11:00

Yes, all medical conditions or medication must be advised at the time of booking. We want you to be safe and comfortable on your cruise, so bring enough medication to last you until the end of your holiday. It is also a good idea to bring a few extra days supply in case of any unforeseen delays.

Do I tip while on board?2017-02-21T10:52:59+11:00

Depending on the cruise line, your package may already include prepaid gratuities. Please check with your Cruise World Holidays consultant if you are not sure whether you have pre paid your tips. If your tips are not included, we will be able to advise the suggested daily amount which for your convenience, will be automatically to your on board account and may be adjusted or removed at your discretion by visiting the pursers desk on board.

Where can I keep my valuables?2017-02-21T10:52:41+11:00

Most cruise lines provide safety deposit boxes in each cabin.

What’s included in my cruise fare?2017-02-21T10:52:20+11:00

Where do we start? Accommodation, all main meals, entertainment (including production shows, guest entertainers, trivia, karaoke, dancing classes, movies and in-cabin videos), access to Children’s Centres with supervised activity programmes and use of the ships many complimentary facilities such as swimming pools, gym, spas, sauna, steam rooms, table tennis, shuffleboard and library.

What are the optional extras?2017-02-21T10:52:01+11:00

Today’s cruise ships are floating resorts and the options are endless! Here are some of the optional extras that can be purchased on board: shore tours, drinks, meals ashore, food from the alternative dining venues as indicated on board, bar snacks, room service, hairdressing, massage and beauty treatments, photographic services, video arcade games and some craft activities.

Is GST payable?2017-02-21T10:51:36+11:00

GST is included in all domestic flights and also applies to Australian coastal cruises in the fare paid and any purchases made on board. GST is not applicable to any other cruise or purchase.

When will I get my cruise tickets?2017-02-21T10:51:09+11:00

As long as you have paid for your booking in full and provided all of your personal details either via a manual booking form or on the cruise lines website i.e. a cruise personaliser or online check in, your tickets will arrive approximately 2 to 3 weeks prior to sailing. If you are departing Australia earlier than the cruise departure, please advise your Cruise World Holidays consultant so we can ensure you receive your tickets earlier.

Can I organise gifts and celebrations before sailing?2017-02-21T10:50:47+11:00

Most cruise lines will help you celebrate occasions on board or arrange something special for a friend, a loved one or even yourself. Please speak to your Cruise World Holidays consultant for more information.

Where can I smoke?2017-02-21T10:50:28+11:00

Most cruise lines no longer permit smoking in any indoor areas of their ships. This includes your cabin and private balcony. There are selected outdoor areas where smoking is permitted.

When should I book?2017-02-21T10:50:11+11:00

As soon as you can. This will make sure you have the greatest choice available. As families love to cruise, holiday periods can be very popular and sell out early. Keep this in mind and book early to avoid disappointment.

Do you offer cruises in the school holidays?2017-02-21T10:49:51+11:00

Yes. If you are planning a cruise holiday with your children, it is best to check their holiday dates. Whilst we sell all cruise lines and departure dates, we sometimes have even better deals on selected departure dates that fall into school holidays. Please visit our school holiday cruises section at https://www.cruiseworldholidays.com.au/deals/home-page/school-holiday-cruises/

Where can I find out more about my cruise booking?2017-02-21T10:49:24+11:00

Most cruise lines have the facility for you to access your booking online. You simply need your cruise line booking reference and you can log in to view your reservations, book shore tours and much more. Please contact your Cruise World Holidays consultant if you are not unsure of your booking reference.

Are there queen beds available?2017-02-21T10:49:01+11:00

Most cruise lines have cabins fitted with queen beds provided the upper beds are not in use.

How do I keep in touch with home?2017-02-21T10:44:45+11:00

You’ll want everyone to know what a great time you’re having and there are a number of ways to let them know. You can make calls from the phone in your cabin, or use the ship’s computers/wireless connections to keep in touch by email and internet. Please note, access is subject to satellite coverage and charges are higher than on land.

Can I use my mobile phone on board?2017-02-21T10:34:40+11:00
Mobile phone reception is available on most ships, depending on your location. A compatible mobile phone and a service plan capable of roaming internationally with Maritime Communications Partners (AS) is required. Make sure you check with your service provider for applicable charges before you depart.