My fiance (now husband) and I decided to do a cruise wedding, and required the expertise of a cruise specialist travel agent to assist with the booking process. This was to ensure our guests (majority first time cruisers) and ourselves had a central booking system with the knowledge and experience we needed for any information we required and to keep us up to date with payments, and documentation requirements. We got all of this and more from Janelle Ramsay and her team at Cruise World Holidays. Janelle was very forthcoming with information and assistance whenever we asked. Any vital information that needed to reach our enitre group or individuals, urgently was emailed out and a memo was sent to me so I could copy & paste to our facebook page we had set up, or to the individuals it concerned.

Janelle was very attentive, as dealing with international cruise lines are not always easy given the time difference (we are based in W.A), and the systems and processes they have.

We had an AWESOME trip and our wedding day was so lovely and special.

Our wedding day was so lovely, emotional, joyous – and nerve wracking for Dane & I haha. BUT everyone enjoyed it, including us, which is what really matters.

It was SO much better dealing with the Onboard Administration Coordinator directly. BUT unfortunately Royal Romance have control really of when that can happen. But Sandi was so accommodating and attentive, she was brilliant!

We did Noumea, Isle of Pines & Lifou. Loved it! And so did our family and friends. I think we managed to convert a few people to cruising ;) Which was one of our aims haha.

We would not hesitate to recommend or use Cruise World Holidays again, as we were very happy with the experience and outcome! Thanks again Janelle and the Cruise World Holidays team :)

Gina & Dane, WA

 Bridal Party