Hi Janelle,

Welcome back yourself.  Gosh life has been SO busy since we’ve been back I’ve barely had time to take a breath.  But want to give you our feedback before I forget it all.

We had a GLORIOUS time, thank you.  Photos attached are just a sampling.  We also bought the photo package on the cruise, but haven’t scanned those into the computer yet…

Although we had a fabulous time, we both agree that in general, we preferred P&O Australia (we cruised 10 nights from Sydney to the Pacific on the Jewel in January 2013).

Reasons being:

We liked the smaller ship.  Radiance of the Seas was 2300 pax I think, while the Jewel was 1900.

The service was noticeably slow on RC, we waited for everything (meals, drinks, wine, cabin service–all were slower).

The Japanese restaurant was my favourite, but we really liked Giovanni’s and Chops too.  The Brazilian restaurant (Sambas I think) was an exercise in overeating.

The food in the main restaurant and buffet was on a par with P&O.

Daily activities were MUCH less than we had on P&O.  On P&O I always had multiple items to choose from, sometimes too many and had to miss some.  On RC I’m glad I brought my knitting, and glad we had others to hang out with.  I also met up with a bunch of knitters and we met every day for a couple of hours.

The cabins/casino/amenities in general were on a par with P&O.

Shore tours:  I *didn’t* like the NZ winery tour as it was 3 tastings, with no food (except for some cheese and crackers at one of them), AND no shopping–I expected wineries with giftshops to buy other stuff in.  This was simply wine.  The catamaran in Moorea was fabulous, we did a private tour in Bora Bora that was good, but we probably should have done the ships one, and Haleakala was great.

LOVED the All Access tour.

For future ref, I probably would go with the water/soft drinks package the others got.  I didn’t because we don’t drink soft drinks, but didn’t realise it covered all the speciality coffees as well, so it would have saved some $.

The wine package was good–even the limited wine list on the package was very good.

What we were MOST impressed with was actually YOUR service, so thank YOU very much!  The ticket/trip package you sent had all the info we needed and made it convenient to keep everything together.  Even the luggage tags and laniards :)  Do you work with other cruise lines as well?  If so, we’ll definitely book through you in the future.  I know there’s more and more out of Fremantle these days…would be interested in keeping posted on those.

Thanks again,

D Palacios & C Prior, WA