Hi Janelle,

We have just returned from Rock the Boat 2.
We have the reputation of the Best Party Cruise Ever. We don’t think the next one will top it.

What an amazing trip! This was our first Rock the Boat and those who had been before commented that this trip was so much better than the first one.
The entertainment was so well-organised. As we entered the ship, there was already a band playing in the lounge and people started dancing immediately while people were still boarding.
There were bands playing all over the ship throughout the day and night.
It was a bit disconcerting to be staggering out for breakfast and there was already a band playing and people dancing all dressed up in their rock n roll gear.
Even the bands commented that we never stopped dancing and drinking to the wee small hours.
It was like being in a nightclub 24/7 for 10 days. Exhausting but loads of fun.
The entertainers enjoyed the chance to mix with their fans.
We even got to do “The Twist” with Chubby Checker. What an experience.
We also loved Derek’s Adult Day Care at Night in the Schooner Bar.
Everyone had a fantastic time. All the passengers got on well and there were no hassles.
It helps that we were all seasoned party-goers. There were places to go if you just felt like chilling out.
The crew were great and really enjoyed the atmosphere. They also thought it was the best cruise ever.
We recently bumped into one of the cruise bands playing at Ettalong and they were stilll talking about the cruise and how great it was.
Looking forward to the next one.

We thought the booking experience was seamless. Everything was taken care of quickly and smoothly.

Thanks again

L Simpson & L Anderson, NSW