Hi Janelle,

Sorry in the delay in responding, we had a ball and the whole cruise was fantastic. The cabin, the entertainment, the food was exceptionally good.

Would highly recommend to anybody the idea of a theme cruise as the passengers, crew and entertainment suited all those on board and fitted the age group (which varied but all mixed well). Especially like the fact that it was not children orientated (have nothing against kids) but this type of cruise suits us that love dancing and music.

Would have liked to receive the Rock the Boat Lanyard for holding our cards which a lot of passengers were apparently given together with other items from their travel agency, especially as our cabins were not the cheapest (but were fantastic and worth the extra money) . But I suppose not all agencies were given them so assume this is the case.

Anyway we hope to maybe do it again in 2014.

Best wishes and thanks for your help.

I have attached a few photos from the pirate/happy days/tropical.

D & D Thompson, NSW