Hi Janelle, we returned to Oz with the most dreadful flu and jet lag which has laid us low for 2 weeks . It has however not spoilt what was a memorable 50th wedding¬†anniversary. You remember I was anxious when our paperwork had not turned up until the last minute maybe they could tighten up on that . From the moment we hit the dockside everything went smoothly. Check in was a breeze and after lunch we got access to our upgraded cabin, our luggage already there. The organization on board was amazing as it would have to be to get everybody fed and to their allotted show. The food at the cafeteria was so good and varied we chose to dine there every evening to get the best seats at the entertainment. The entertainment was everything we had expected and bought back great memories for us all . Sure they were past their use by date, but then so were we!! Never let it be said “our generation” don’t know how to enjoy themselves without any?aggravation — and a lot of alcohol !!! Our daytrips were good, although a little expensive. Disembarkation was a little early but again very well organized and when we looked back at Celebrity Eclipse felt quite sad we were leaving. Next years trip looks good and I am sure some of my English rellies will be sailing. Thank you for all your help.

Regards R & C Cardy, WA