Dear Janelle – so sorry for the delay in replying to you. Probably by the time you read this you will have returned from your annual leave – so do hope you, like us, have had a lovely holiday. Our cruise was good – we’ve finally sailed down the Suez Canal which is something that I have wanted to see since seeing the film “Lawrence of Arabia” when I was a teenager – thus many many years ago. We were aware of the presence of navy frigates (I believe from NATO) keeping the area secure and also there were guards on board with fire hoses unwound in readiness for any pirates that may have decided to board – but alas no pirates were sighted!¬†Our departure from Venice was particularly wonderful with two of our Venetian friends waving to us from the Fondamente Zattere. We stayed out on the deck till all the lights of Venice faded away in the distance. Our stay at the Hilton Molino Stucky was excellent. Our room faced the Giudecca canal, therefore opposite the Fondamente Zattere, and it was lovely to see the cruise ships arriving the night before our departure – in fact we saw the HAL Ryndam arrive. To complete our stay at the Hilton, the night before departure we invited our friends to have a farewell drink with us on the rooftop bar of the hotel – the view was wonderful – to the west towards Marghera and then to the east to Isola San Giorgio Maggiore and beyond.
Thankyou for arranging such a wonderful stay for us and answering our last minute queries – it was always greatly appreciated.

Sincerely V & E Torresan, VIC