Hello Janelle,  Just wanted to say a special thanks for the most amazing holiday.  I know you coordinated all our travel arrangements, arranged all the paperwork and travel folder, insurance and all the other organisation that goes into putting it all together.  Rhapsody of the Seas and Royal Caribbean are to be congratulated on the most unforgettable holiday cruise.  Lyn and I had never been on a cruise before but being country music buffs thought it would be fun.  We were just over awed by the level of hospitality shown on the ship.  The entertainment was far superior to anything ever experienced (have been to the Tamworth Country Music festival 3 times), the meals, staff were outstanding and everything ran with military precision.  It all far exceeded our expectations.  It was absolute 5 star luxury in the middle of the ocean and we loved the top class entertainment.

I am not sure if congratulations can be passed on to Royal Caribbean but they certainly deserve it.  Lyn and I are seriously considering going next year but will keep in touch.


Many thanks

M Gayoso, NT