Hello Janelle…..

Thank you for providing the opportunity to provide feedback following the recent Cruise and Groove.  I have tried to provide a balance view and wish to provide both positive feedback and identify areas that I think could be improved.  I think it may also assist if we provide some detail about us first.  My husband and I are both aged mid 50’s, recently retired.  First time music cruisers, although have done one previous cruise to Alaska.  We have travelled extensively both in Australia and overseas.  To be honest cruising is not our first preference of travel, that doesn’t mean that we didn’t enjoy ourselves, we did.  We grew up in the 70’s, met at a disco, love everything retro and dancing.


Radiance of the Sea:

> fantastic staff, professional, polite, courteous and only too willing

> to assist and make our trip enjoyable.

> our cabin was spacious, clean and had plenty of storage and hanging

> space, we slept well on a very comfortable bed.

> Aurora theatre was a great venue for headline acts, good acoustics,

> comfortable seating although some lacked leg room – we soon worked out

> where to sit.

> we were very disappointed with many of the public areas of the ship –

> dark, heavy cumbersome furniture, insufficient seating, furnishing

> that took up large amounts of room without any seemly purpose.

> Centrum – enjoyed being able to listen to the bands at all levels

> across the ship. The dance floor was severely restricted by the

> furniture that was placed on the floor.  We noted that when a there

> was entertainment in the Centrum the furniture on the dance floor was

> not fully utilized and became an obstacle to those trying to dance.

> This is an issue that really needs to be addressed and all furniture

> should be removed from the dance floor for dancers comfort and safety.

> Colony Club – This was by far the best venue for live music on the

> ship – large dance floor, adequate seating.  This venue was

> underutilized and sat vacant on at least two nights  ?why.

> Quill and Compass – dark, poor acoustics. The only option to dance was

> in the passage way on the black and white tiles, this would have been

> a satisfactory option however the tiles were loose and unstable posing

> safety issues.

> Pool Deck, this was a great venue for the pool party, disco, let’s get

> physical. Plenty of deck chair seating in the area.

> Schooner Bar – this place needs a serious overhaul!  The décor and

> furnishings are appalling – oversized coffee tables and tug/sailing

> boat serve no purpose taking up room that could be better utilized.

> Sound from the entertainment was poor acoustically and it was very

> difficult to see the entertainers.  Those wishing to dance did so in

> the thoroughfare posing safety and access issues to the bar and Colony

> Club.

> Starquest – this is another area that was underutilized.  This is a

> large area, plenty of light, seating and dance floor.  Entertainment

> in the star quest was limited to the evenings and the majority of time

> was recorded music.  ??why was live entertainment not offered here?

> Gym – this is well resourced with plenty of room and well maintained

> equipment.  We visited it daily however were in the minority with very

> few making use of it. We noted that it had the best dance floor on the

> ship – large hardwood floor.  I would like to suggest that the gym is

> relocated to another area of the ship (perhaps one of the speciality

> dining rooms) and this area made available to live entertainment.



> food in the Windjammer café, Cascades dining room and Park café was

> lovely, good variety and ample servings, we tended to eat breakfast at

> the Park café, lunch Windjammer and dinner Cascades.

> we did not dine at speciality restaurants and found the constant push

> by staff to purchase these packages very intrusive and unwarranted.

> In fact we question the need for this type of dining option given the

> wide variety on offer already.

> drinks card – we elected not to purchase a card which proved to be a

> good decision as our drinks bill came in significantly less. We don’t

> drink cocktails and would have considered a beer/wine option if it had

> been available.




> Showtime in the Aurora theatre each night provided great variety. It

> was hard to find a favourite as each show was unique.  They were all

> presented in such a professional and entertaining way.  My only

> complaint is that the shows didn’t go long enough.

> we were very impressed by the line up of on board entertainers. It was

> nice to have a number of entertainment options each day that we could

> choose from.   We loved Aaron Mansfield as Roy, the girls in Amitie,

> the Real Time band, Clearway and Steve Balbi.

> theme nights, we really enjoyed being able to relive our youth and get

> dressed up.

> we were very disappointed that on a music cruise dance lessons were

> not offered, we think this is significant oversight and should be

> given serious consideration for any future music themed cruises.

> There was a number of suitable venues where lessons could be conducted

> – Colony Club, starquest  or the gym.



Would we do another cruise?   Whilst we love a variety of music and are

very impressed with the line up on the upcoming Elvis, Rock the Boat and

Country Cruise,  the ability to dance – rock and roll, cha cha, line

dancing is very important to us, music and dance go hand in hand.  We

felt that despite good dance floors (colony club, gym and starquest)

there was a serious lack of safe, suitable dance floors within the areas

where the entertainment was provided.  This will be the feedback we will

be providing to our dancing friends who are considering a Music Cruise

in 2018.


Kind Regards……


L & M Scott, VIC