Hi Janelle,

I had the best time of my life, unfortunately my husband couldn’t make it with me, but my friends included me in everything. The food was the best I have tasted & you never wanted for anything, so much food to choice from & so much of it. We had the best 2 people waiting on us for our dinner ( Doni & Marie ) , funny & polite & always there to give you anything, be it drinks or extra food. The only way I would book another trip was if it was an entertainment Ship, with the Bands & all the music included, the fun was in spotting celebrities walking around the pool areas or dining areas. They were all so friendly to have a photo with you or just talk to you. Every night we would receive a schedule of the next day festivities, so you could see your favourite or just plan your day. I could go on how wonderful the Staff was & also how great my guy who made my bedroom up every day was, so polite & always there to say hello & make me funny animals out of the towels. We are definitely going back in 2018 & can’t wait to see who they have lined up for celebrities. The 8 day trip on the Radiance of the Seas was my first trip on a Ship & I will never go for anything less than what we received from  the Royal Caribbean. Outstanding service, entertainment, food & most of all great company.

Thankyou Janelle for everything you did for me, by making the booking a lot easier & not so over whelming, I couldn’t have done it without you.  Just maybe a suggestion for the celebrities to come out a little more through the day, that’s all, meet & greet, photo’s ect.

Thanking you very much for an absolutely true Cruise N Groove holiday.


L Higgins, NSW