Hi Kaylee & Janelle,

Thank you for your email.  I wish I was still on the cruise; it was so hard coming back to work yesterday!!

I was a virgin cruiser and after my experience on the Cruise n Groove I am sold on cruising, in particular the Cruise n Groove charters.  It was absolutely amazing! I feel so blessed to have had the experience.  Exceeded my expectations!  The staff across the board were hands down amazing, helpful, friendly, accommodating.  John Farnham and John Paul Young to name a few to local bands, house band, they were all amazing!  Other options on board, that I enjoyed was the casino, cinema, rock climbing, gymnasium, and solarium.  There wasn’t a day where I pondered what to do, so many things happening all the time.  They would give you a daily timetable of events the evening before to scan the programme so you knew what was being held the next day and to be honest, there were usually more than one option I wanted to do that fell at the same time.  But…….don‘t worry because if you couldn’t do it that day, you could do it the following.  Never ending fun!!

I particularly enjoyed the age group on the cruise as well, mature aged, young families which made it a pleasant cruise.  Everyone on the ship was there for the same reason, to have fun and meet people.  This was evident when we would dine for breakfast and lunch; occasionally you would have to share a table with others because it was so busy; no one ever made you feel like you couldn’t sit with them, we all interacted well and would sometimes party with them.

Overall a very enjoyable, fun filled cruise

I would particularly like to thank you Kaylee for your patience.  At first I thought I wasn’t going, but your patience and communication really eased me and at the end of the drama you ensured I was going, I really can’t thank you enough.  Your phone manner and prompt response to my emails was nothing more than friendly, accommodating and pleasant.  Thank you, thank you, and thank you!!

Janelle – thank you for dealing with my emails in Kaylee’s absence, you were also very helpful and if you weren’t too sure of the answer you did all you could to ensure I received the answer.  Thank you for your wonderful service also.

I have highly recommended to my friends and family Cruise World Holidays (Hello World) for booking their cruise, cannot fault any of the service I received; hands down top notch service!  Thank you once again.



R Robins, WA