Hi Kaylee & Janelle

Trip was wonderful – loved it and we are planning on going again in 2017. Music was brilliant, food was good, drinks package was good value. Great to be able to meet the artists and talk to them. There did seem to be some problems with the seating in the theatre – it might be far better to have allocated seating in the theatre – which would involve putting numbers on the seats – and ushers to stop the members of the audience who constantly were filming and photographing the shows – which is very distracting to the audience – especially when they are holding up iPads and blocking the view of the actual show.

Only problem was Royal Caribbean’s mishandling of supposed Norovirus outbreak – where they appeared to consider the passengers, rather than the staff to be the cause. No gloves on food handler’s hands in a supposed outbreak, or in normal service is absolutely wrong! I am a Microbiologist, so do know that nearly all outbreaks are caused by food handlers – not the people eating the food!

Have filled out our form for the next Bravo cruise.



F & P Morey, NT